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The Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement was created by George Box and Bill Hunter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985.

In the first few years reports were published by leading international experts including: W. Edwards Deming, Kaoru Ishikawa, Peter Scholtes, Brian Joiner, William Hunter and George Box. William Hunter died in 1986. Subsequently excellent reports continued to be published by George Box and others including: Gipsie Ranney, Soren Bisgaard, Ron Snee and Bill Hill.

These reports were all available on the Center's web site. After George Box's dealth the reports were removed. I have started publishing reports as I can get permission from the authors and get them formated for the web.

The reports have long been an excellent resource for improving management systems. They stand as a great legacy to what George Box and Bill Hunter committed themselves to. Making sure their efforts continue to help managers, engineers, statisticians and anyone interested in improving the performance of human organization is an important function of this web site.

It is a sad situation that the Center abandonded the ideas of George Box and Bill Hunter. I take what has been done to the Center as a personal insult to their memory. It is hard to see what they poured their hearts and souls into abandoned but I guess this is a very common story: people take advantage of what they can for their personal benefit without concern for those that created a resource for good work.

When diagonoised with cancer my father dedicated his remaining time to creating this center with George to promote the ideas George and he had worked on throughout their lives: because it was that important to him to do what he could. They did great work and their work provided great benefits for long after Dad's death with the leadership of Bill Hill and Soren Bisgaard but then it deteriorated. And when George died the last restraint was eliminated and the deterioration was complete.