Articles and Reports by William G. Hunter

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  1. 101 Ways to Design an Experiment, or Some Ideas About Teaching Design of Experiments, 1975, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  2. Doing More with Less in the Public Sector: a Progress Report from Madison, Wisconsin with Jan O'Neill and Carol Wallen, June 1986, CQPI report 13 (also published in Quality Progress July 1987).
  3. Managing Our Way to Economic Success: Two Untapped Resources, February 1986. "American organizations could compete much better at home and abroad if they would learn to tap the potential information inherent in all processes and the creativity inherent in all employees."
  4. "Building a Quality Movement," with E. Chacko, August, 1972, Quality Progress.
  5. The Next 25 Years in Statistics, with William Hill (contributions by Joseph W. Duncan, A. Blanton Godfrey, Brian Joiner, Gary McDonald, Charles G. Pfiefer, Donald W. Marquardt, and Ronald D. Snee), February 1986, CQPI report 10,(also published in "Chance" 1990).
  6. Studies in Quality Improvement: Designing Environmental Regulations with Soren Bisgaard, 1987, CQPI report 7.
  7. Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation Effect: a Statistical Interpretation (title used in Nature: Statistical Interpretation of Enthalpy-Entropy Compensation) with R. R. Krug and R. A. Grieger, 1976, Nature (abstract).
  8. A Useful Method for Model-Building II: Synthesizing Response Functions from Individual Components, with Andrej P. Jaworski, February 1986, CQPI report 9.
  9. A Useful Method for Model-Building, with G.E.P. Box, 1962, Technometrics.
  10. Commentary to Milwaukee Journal, 2 March, 1986 (Invest in new management methods not a failing company)
  11. Hazardous Substances, the Environment and Public Health: A Statistical Overview by William G. Hunter and John J. Crowley, 1979.
  12. Statistics, Science, Law and the Environment, 1983, The American Statistician.
  13. "Some Ideas About Teaching Design of Experiments, with 25 Examples of Experiment Conducted by Students," February 1977, The American Statistician.
  14. "A Review of Experiments to Increase Research Efficiency: a Literature Survey" with W. Hill, 1966, Technometrics.

Articles related to work of Bill Hunter

  1. Quality in the Community: One City's Experience, by George Box, Laurel W. Joiner, Sue Rohan and F. Jospeh Sensenbrenner, June 1989, CQPI report #36 (also Published in Quality Progress, May 1991).
    Highlights the evolution of the Quality movement in Madison, Wisconsin and the role of the Madison Area Quality Improvement Network.
  2. William G. Hunter: An innovator and Catalyst for Quality Improvement by George Box, June 1993, CQPI report 100.

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Also of Interest

  • George Box, Stuart Hunter and Bill wrote what has become a classic text for experimenters in scientific and business circles, Statistics for Experimenters.
  • Bill contributed to the "Design and Analysis of Experiments" chapter for Juran's Quality Control Handbook, Fourth Edition, 1988. The chapter was authored by J. Stuart Hunter and other contributors were Mary G. Natrella, E. Harvey Barnett and Truman L. Koehler.
  • Bill contributed to Dr. Deming's clasic text: Out of the Crisis. Pages 245-7 relate how the City of Madison applied Deming's ideas to a public sector organization.
  • The Team Handbook by Peter Scholtes et. al.,1988, is dedicated to Bill (the 2nd edition was no longer dedicated to him, then in the 3rd edition the book was dedicated to him, and several others).

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