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Statistical Design of Experiments Project to teach high school students. Bill's connection: In 1984, Bill Hunter was a principal organizer and speaker at the Woodrow Wilson Foundation summer institute on Quantitative Literacy in Princeton, NJ. There he taught the teachers about DOE and the Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments.

In 1959 he graduated from Princeton University. Next, he attended the University of Illinois for a year before enrolling as the first doctoral student in statistics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. For the following 20 years he taught at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Statistics Department and elsewhere. View the Feb 1986 CV for Bill Hunter and Bill Hunter in Memoriam (see page 5).

George Box and Bill Hunter on Videotape
"Practice and Theory; Some Personal Experiences," George Box and Bill Hunter (1982), 43 minutes from the American Statistical Association Distinguished Lecture Series (broken link was removed)

The Picture Gallery has pictures of Bill and his family.
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