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Statistics for Experimenters - Second Edition

Order your copy of Statistics for Experimenters: Design, Innovation, and Discovery, 2nd Edition by George Box, Stuart Hunter and William G. Hunter, 2005. Rewritten and updated by George Box and Stu Hunter (Bill Hunter died in 1986), this new edition of Statistics for Experimenters adopts the same approaches as the landmark First Edition by teaching with examples, readily understood graphics, and the appropriate use of computers.

Data files for Statistics for Experimenters 2nd Edition

Download files that accompany the book Statistics for Experimenters: Design, Innovation, and Discovery, 2nd edition from the publisher. The file includes data files to be used with the book.
Download the zip file and extract the contents to a selected directory.

The zip file contains a directory with 77 data files in text format extension dat. The data is arranged in columns. File names are *UUvv.dat, where * can be exe, fig, prb or tab, corresponding to exercise, figure, problem or table respectively. UUvv stand for chapter UU, exercise vv, etc.

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