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Order Statistics for Experimenters by George Box, Stuart Hunter and William G. Hunter. A classic text for experimenters in scientific and business circles.
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Used as text for course

Data files for use with Statistics for Experimenters, 2nd Edition

University of Wisconsin Statistics Data Repository - including Box, Hunter and Hunter's "Statistics for Experimenters" data set. For first edition.

Designing Industrial Experiments an interactive videotape series by George Box, Soren Bisgaard and Conrad Fung.

Math 2310 - Villanova University

Statistical Methods - Waikato Center for Applied Statistics, New Zealand.

Improving Product and Process Quality Using Experiment Design - NIST Statistics Engineering Division.

Stat 2520: Plans experimentaux - Institute de statistique, Belgium

Stat 430 - Experimental Design Statistics Department University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


ASQ pages for: George Box, J. Stuart Hunter and Dr. Thong Ngee Goh

A Structured Approach to Rapid Process Development and Control by Raymond Augustin.

For detailed information about the algorithms or statistical methods used to create the Microsoft Excel statistical functions, refer to the following books

Financial Modelling and Descriptive Statistics

Battery Testing for Photovoltaic Applications by Tom Hund, Sandia National Laboratories.

Statistics by Ron Graham with Lisa Henn, 2002.

Shewhart-Deming Critique of Classical Statistics by Jonathan Siegel, revised December 1997.

The Hyper-Greco-Latin Square Experimental Design as a Formulation Ingredient Selection Tool, 1995.

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