William G. Hunter Award 2015: Stu Hunter

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Dr. J. Stuart Hunter is the recipient of the 2015 William G. Hunter Award presented by the The Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The William G. Hunter Award was established by the Statistics Division in 1987 to recognize the many contributions of its founding chair at promoting the use of applied statistics and statistical thinking. The attributes that characterize Bill Hunter's career - consultant, educator for practitioners, communicator, and integrator of statistical thinking into other disciplines - are used to help decide the recipient.

Stu Hunter is well known to many in academia and industry. He has devoted his entire professional life to the industrial application of statistics by publishing papers, editing journals and conducting seminars covering process control, design of experiments, and evolutionary operation. In collaboration with George Box and William Hunter, Stu co-authored the seminal statistics textbook, Statistics for Experimenters. He has lectured broadly and been a trusted consultant to multiple industries, organizations and government agencies. And throughout his lengthy career, Stu has been a passionate and articulate speaker who has advanced the use of statistical tools and thinking in order to solve real world problems.

Bill Hunter and Stu Hunter, Dalian, China, 1981.

Bill Hunter, Stu Hunter, Jack Whitwell and George Box, 1984.

For those who are interested, Stu Hunter is not related to William Hunter. As Bill's son and with Stu and Dad both authors on Statistics for Experimenters I have been asked if they are related many times.